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Devastation War of the Immortals:


Welcome to Devastation War of the Immortals

Devastation War of the Immortals: Salvation, a subsidiary of Devastation Gaming Network, is the longest running War of the Immortals private server on the internet. Established in 2012 with a wipe in 2018 to start players fresh, Devastation WOI has been the only WOI server that offers a free zen market with everything needed to get online and start playing.

Since November of 2017, Devastation WOI has seen numerous updates, including custom pets, custom items, custom bosses and custom maps. Individual updates that are to numerous to list, however, we will highlight some of the updates below.

New Pets

Devastation custom pets, the players refer to them as Deva pets, is the most talked about new update items with each update including a little more pets than the last. Pets with somewhat better stats than the Olympian pets that come standard with War of the Immortals so while it gives a little extra, it’s not a pay to win. Pets include Battle of the Immortals Athena pet, Crystal Wolf, Cult of the Wyrm’s Apollo and about 40 other pets with different types and class. So pick a Vitality pet, a Strength pet, a Spirit, an Intellect, or a Dexterity class pet, then chose whether it’s physical attack or magic. With over 40 different ones to chose from, our custom pets are waiting for a new home.

New Items

Since the first updates, custom items have been added with each update, including advanced pet fortification gems, new starwords, new Odin Soul jade’s supreme deity soul are just a few of the exciting new items. New Deva fashions, mounts, back pieces, badges, the list goes on. Items for elemental, items for pvp, items for pve, we have added them all here to chose from.

New Bosses

Devastation WOI has ten, count them, 10 new pvp bosses that drop our new Deva currency to buy the new items and pets. These bosses also drop the pieces for the new cult gears so players can have the best gears for pvp and boss hunting. These bosses are not for the faint at heart, even maxed players can get killed by them so take a party and be ready to fight for the drops while avoiding the bosses’ attacks.

New Maps

Exciting new locations to explore with eleven new maps, including Elysium for exp farming and Ashen Root’s and Midgard Highlands for new bosses. Powerful new mobs and monsters populate these maps so you best have a healer even while walking through them. A new daily instance, Capricorn Temple is open and awaiting all challengers.

New Changes

In addition to the changes listed above, Devastation WOI has added or changed other items for better game play, removing some cap and exhaustion to help players max out. Listed below are just a SHORT few of the changes:

  • Instant crafting with no exhaustion

  • Pet synthesis time shorten to 10 min from 3 hours

  • Legions are 15 members

  • Legion’s Devil’s Island gives max funds and better contribs

  • Legion building materials shorten

  • Stardust gives max points

  • Tribal set gear from Legion shop now 300 contribs each

  • New items in salary shop to help players gear up

  • and honestly so much more.

If you want more information, ask for the patch notes for each patch. They contain details about every change listed.

Remember, Devastation staff is always hard at work coming up with new ideas to increase the amount of fun that can be had but we can only do it with your help. So, join our social online communities to help us with feedback, beta testing new servers and updates, or if you have experience then apply to join us as official staff to work towards something new and better. Thank you for playing our servers as we look forward to a great 2019.

Forums: https://forums.mmodevastation.eu/

Discord: https://discord.gg/V2TeKxW

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mmodevastationgamingnetwork/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevastationGN/

WOI Legandary Crusade Fully Curomised

download top zip file and put the folder contents into your
launcherCFg folder replacing the ones you have
then run laucher
this should tell you to patch from autopatcher
one done log in as normal



1:) Re-Created Full Zen Market Removed Unwanted Items.

2:) All Boss Drops changed now gives
Advanced Pet Gem
Gods Fruit
Exquisite Font of Wisdom

3:) Pet Fortification Fixed for +15
need Advanced Pet Gem after +10

4:) All instance Revamped.

5:) King of Combat fixed now players higher than level 120 can enter.

6:) Linage buff fixed up to level 150

7:) Auto Level upto level 80. Max level upto 150

8:) Gold Leaf Shop Changed Added New items to it

9:) Added Siv Npc Back on Atlantis Platinum Noble Function Removed

10:) Legion Bonus Function Removed

11:) Added New NPC on Atlantis Next to Winston Deva Exchanger
Shop sells new Pet Eggs for Deva Gold

12:) Added New Pets at Winston NPC Need Deva Currency x100
Added New Pets at Deva Exchanger Need Deva Currency x100

13:) Added 34 New Pet Eggs Ingame Name List Below. All Olympian Pets
Apollo Str Pet
Apollo Int Pet
Forlorn Nidhogg Larva Str Pet
Forlorn Nidhogg Larva Int Pet
Gemini Guardian Castor Vit/Int
Deneb Vit/Str
Fiona Vit/Int
Europa Vit/Str
Ganymede Vit/Int
Gabrath Vit/Str
God Odin Dex/Str
God Odin Dex/Int
Deathwing Str/Str
Deathwing Int/Int
Immortal Chaos Str/Str
Immortal Chaos Int/Int
Wraith King Str/Str
Wraith King Int/Int
Radine Str/Str
Radine Int/Int
Aratron Str/Str
Aratron Int/Int
Guardian Str/Str
Guardian Int/Int
Hesperus Str/Str
Hesperus Int/Int
Tantalus Str/Str
Tantalus Int/Int
Eualeny Str/Str
Eualeny Int/Int
Hydra the Bone Dragon Str/Str
Hydra the Bone Dragon Int/Int
Crystal Wolf Str/Str
Crystal Wolf Int/Int

14:) Added New Mounts Ingame (Event Rewards)
Inferno Horse

15:) Added New Drops to This 2 Boss
Titan Queen Rhea
List Below
Deva Currency its not 100% drop Random Chance
Oracle Origin Super Rare Drop
Penance Soul Rare Drop

16:) NPC Shop Now Sells Soul Gears

17:) Elora NPC now Gives Soul Gears instead of Golden Gears

18:) Level up Rewards Changed at Level 40 Level 65 Level 90

19:) Dragon Nest Npc Shop Now Sells Pet Skills for 100 Signet

20:) Bounty Quest NPC Shop Revamped

21:) Players Can Have More Pet Slots Pet Slot Extension can be Used 50 Times .

22:) Potion of Elemental and Potion of Fortune now last for 6 hours

23:) Super Tears of Valkyrie HP restores 30000 and Aretimis MP 20000 pots usage times 3333.

24:) Pet Pots Usage times 500

25:) Soul Gear Drops on SBC, ToW, EFC, CoJ has been Removed

26:) Over all Coin Drop Rate back to Normal Rate

27:) Cronos Court, Devilhunter Gorge, now Red Zone Have as much as PVP you want

28:) New Christmas Event Activated start at 23rd to 26th Server time 20:00
Hero Plaza

29:) New Boss Spam Time and Realm Number
Server time 12:30

Cronos Court Realm 1 Aphrodite
Titan's Temple Realm 1 Wicked Tantalus
Titan's Temple Realm 2 Wicked Loki
Ruined Shallows Realm 3 Dark Venus
Ruined Shallows Realm 4 Wicked Apollo


Server time 16:00

Devilhunters Gorge Realm 4 Wicked Tantalus
Devilhunters Gorge Realm 4 Wicked Loki


Server time 20:00

Cronos Court Realm 1 Aphrodite
Titan's Temple Realm 1 Wicked Tantalus
Titan's Temple Realm 2 Wicked Loki
Ruined Shallows Realm 4 Dark Venus
Ruined Shallows Realm 5 Wicked Apollo

Drops list Below;

Sacrificial Spirit
Advanced Pet Gem
Deva Currency rare drop
Oracle Origin Super Rare drop
Pennacle Soul rare drop
Gods fruit level 10
Power potions
Aspect shard
Font of wisdom lv 5


Thank You Dev team for all your support in making this happen

Thank You to to all Staff and Players who had a supporting hand in this patch


More To Follow 


They will be an update coming very soon


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